Lucky Max

One day a white man walked along Meiktilla river.

The poor local farmers came to him, and quite desperately, begged: »Master, master, you seem so wise. The river has dried up due to the climate change. And we cannot get the water into our plantations anymore, except manually or using a fuel driven pump. But fuel is hard to get and so expensive. What can we do? Can you make it rain for us? »

Then the wise main said: be quiet, my best friends. I am not your master. But you can master the sun.

The sun? What for? The poor farmers asked.

Then the man took his solardriven Agros waterpump and turned the fire of the sun into water.

A miracle, the farmers shouted, a miracle! The trees came back to life quite instantly.

No, it is just using the power of nature, the wise man said peacefully.

And like lucky luke, he took his old e-bike and already left for the next village.

For my son Max. Myanmar February 2020.

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