How May got lost in June

You may be May

Theresa May

But it’s already June

On Juno Beach

You’re too late May

75 years ago

In June

The basement of Europe

Was built

With sand and blood

Of British soldiers

On June 6th

On Juno Beach

Did you forget?


‘Cause May,

Your memory

Does not last longer than an election

Not longer than

A Brexit selfish olgasm

Après moi le déluge

And there you stand, May

Donalds’ sheep

Cowardly running away

From the Euroherd

Why where you showing up in June

The sixth of June

On Juno Beach

You ashaming May?

All those British men and women

Who sacrified their lifes

You May

You Brexit Loser

Spitting on their graves

Of the honour of your people

Who died for Europe

75 years ago

Ou il y a de la gène, il n’y a pas de plaisir

The bloody waves

On Juno Beach

Have already washed you away, May

It will never be May

But forever June

The 6th of June

On Juno Beach

To all unconscious regionalists , nationalists and separastists bringing back conflicfts in the minds and in the hearts. And to the criminal politicians exploiting this populism , for their own selfish sake.

( traduction available on demand)

6 gedachtes over “How May got lost in June

  1. Net terug van een 2 weekse cruise naar de Noordkaap. Het gaat uitstekend maar Betteke tobt nog met bloeddruk etc. en is in de medische molen…..
    En bij jullie? Knuffel voor Carolyn!

    Geliked door 1 persoon

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