The merchants of the temple


They lost their sons

Some one hunderd years ago

Or some more

They lost their sons

Some six hunderd thousands

And some more


Or did they lose us ?


‘Cause when I say

I care for you

When I fear

I do not want to lose you

My son

I realize

How ridiculously small we are


How privileged we are

In these muddy fields

Having the chance to live in peace

Thanks to all their sons


They lost their sons

Six hunderd thousand

Or some more


Why should we spent our lives

Conquering a ridiculous piece of mud


Why should we sell their soul

Piece by piece by piece by piece

Without peace untill they reach six hunderd of thousands

Of bloody money


We lost our sons

Or did they lose us ?


Vote them out

The Lord Warriors

Kick them out

The unconscious merchants of the temple


Palingbeek Ieper


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