Echoes from my mirror

and there you are

or is it me


just at the other side

of the mirror


Is this me

Really me

maybe I am just

a copy paste

some accidental mixed up DNA


the echoes

of the mirror

endlessly repeat


one and one

and one and one

must probably be three

Or thirty thirty three


With a bonus three



Welcome back


is this me

really me


Every  word I say

is not what you mean

Whatever I mean

Is not what you said




again and again

and again



of unfulfilled expectations


fata morgana


I do not need

to look

to see


Do not need

to reflect

as you

are my reflection


and there you are

or is it me ?

Standing in the middle

of that nowhere


on the border

of that no mans’ land

no woman either


Between you and me

mirror of  dreams




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