From Nicaragua to Peru

Hear the pan flute playing
Smell the tro-pi-cal woods
Volcanoes are spitting
Boiling lava as floods

Rain-bôw full of colours
Sweetflow’rs and perfumes
Millions of birds flying
High up in the sky-high

All these friendly people
Smiling folks around
And I am thinking to myself
Have to keep my feet on the ground

G’t to bring you back ho-ome
Keep you firm on my back
No way-back on the middle of the track
And that’s why we si-ing

Refrain 2x

Our sons are gone
Our son is back
‘Been away with them
Coming home with him

Cuban rum is flowing
Smoke a big cigar
Condor flowing , passing by
So strange and so bizar

Lonely are the beaches
Croooowd’d every dorm’
Resting in my hamac
Shelter for the sto-orm

Mountains aren’t waiting
For tourists to come
You’ll cry when you’ll be gone

And Ti-ti-cacalake seems so fa-ar away
Just a mirrage in a desert storm
So we start to si-ing :

Refrain 2x

Walked across the mountains
Crossed some river and creeks
Packed our hearts / full-of-love
While you’re liiiiivig our dreams

Travelled through big countries
All’over village and town
Crossed the Andes and the seas
Never felt alo-one

Swam across Carribeans
Hiding for the heat
Sharks swimming be-hind us
Hadn’t any chance to eat

Dried up in the desert
Hide for terrible snakes
But we knew by the last tequila
Your life will never fa-ade

Refrain 2x

Marc Nelen
To Jerome Carl and Max
(Music: Hotel California-The Eagles )

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