Largos’ latest lazy Latem lyrics

imageIt’s a dogs’ life . The birds have been awaking me even earlier as previous days , out of another bloody hot night . 5.10 am . And now I’m off for the all day . Ben gienen hond , like they say in Sint-Martens-Latem . Do not know if the warming up of the planet has anything to do with it . But those bloody birds are awaking me earlier and earlier .Humans should take the warming up of the planet seriously  . If humans continue like that, in some years from now  , there will  be no birds , no dogs anymore to warn them. Now , while I’ ve been trying to recover from this hot and short night I imagined something  . Imagine all the dogs of the world get up at 5 pm .  And start demonstrating . Barking as from 5 am. Together with those bloody singing  birds . A protest bark- and-sing sit in . Against this bloody  warming up of the planet .

Because we just  want to go one with our dogs’ and birds’ life .

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