Sun for free

It was it

So pure

so spring


a blue blue sunny week-end

it appears to be so evident


Not to me


flowers are bursting

in colours and smells


childrens are smiling

screams of joy

full of energy


the sun is there

caressing our heads

warming our hearts

melting our souls


just here

for all of us

for free


it seems so evident


but it’s magic


the sun is back

for all of us


Feel free

feel sunny

feel springy


take it

it’s for free

3 gedachtes over “Sun for free

  1. Leuk en hartverwarmend.

    When the sunshine comes…the skirts are shrinking and cleavages will discretely attract our eyes…..



    Dr. Ph. Cuigniez Medilab Gordunakaai 60 9000 Gent 09/222 02 72


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