Donald goes French Alps

One  day a man called Donald

hiked around in the French Alps

he climbed over snowy mountains

and crossed trough  frozen valleys


his best friend Vladimir

told him

that somewhere there

in Europe

there was a mountain

he should met


that mountain

was said

to be the king of all mountains in Europe

everyboy  who tried to harm that mountain

or to humiliate  it

would be anhinilated


this mountain was stronger

than the strongest man in the world


this mountain

was stronger than Donald himself


and as long as this mountain existed

the world was in danger


That’s what Vladimir told to Donald



after weeks of hiking and climbing

Donald finally reached

the  mysterious mountain

and looking up he shouted :

” hi mountain

sorry : hi high mountain

are you the bloody so called White Mountain” ?


” Le Mont Blanc , bien sur , c’est moi ”


“You pretend to be





than me ”


“en effet , mon cher ami ”


“but can you prove that “?


” Pourquoi  devrais-je le prouver ?  Puisque c’est l’homme qui s’acharne et se suffit à être le plus fort de l’homme . Qu’importe la nature ”

At that moment Vladimir , hidden behind the Grandes Jorasses throws some dynamite bars on the slopes of the Mont Blanc , which provokes a huge avalanche in which Donald disappears forever ”

And suddenly I brutally  woke up from my nightmare …

Or was it a dream ?


Marc , still (a) life  from the French Alps , feb 2 , 2017

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