Such a cold start

I am still warm inside

warm from the Christmas open fire

warm from the love we shared

I am still so warm inside


But when I


to the TV news

And my eyes

get wet and icy

From the frozen world outside


When I

read the newspaper

and my hands get so cold

That they refuse

to turn the next page


And when I

stand with my feet frozen

By the ice cold brutality of life


I need to be strong

not to let myself go


I’ve  to keep myself

warm inside

full of love

to give



to survive

in this cold cold world

4 gedachtes over “Such a cold start

  1. Schitterend Marc !!!!!

    Zowel wat de inhoud als de vorm betreft : verbluffend goed !!

    Warme groeten aan jou, Caroline, Jerome en Max.


    Dr. Ph. Cuigniez Medilab Gordunakaai 60 9000 Gent 09/222 02 72



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