from Kiruna to Kittila

If you go to Kiruna

a crowd

will be waiting for you

a crowd

of mooses

of rendeer

of Huskies


only for you


if you go to Kittila

nature will roll out

a white carpet

of never ending snow

lights will be lit

and shine in rhe darkness

of never ending arctic nights


and in beween

in between Kiruna and Kittila

there are millions of pine trees

hidden under a white curtain

of silence and peace


and people ?

Few people

lonely people ?


That’s what we want to believe



alone with the nature

but not lonely at all




and huskies

as best company


in between

Kiruna and Kittila


man breathes each breeze

is happy with nothing

always warmheated

when it freezes


Marc Nelen

de-icing at Kittila Airport


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